Kirk & Tammy Franklin Debut On Black Love

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Kirk & Tammy Franklin Debut On Black Love

The Black Love documentary has got everyone feeling some type of way. And we are all the way here for it.


Ever since The Black Love Documentary series landed on our TV screens we have been hooked. The OWN programme created by married couple Codie Elaine and Tommy Oliver has been the arsenal the couple has used to set their own new marriage on a trajectory for success

Using the story of others to help navigate them through a lifelong evangelism to a significant other, the couple has sat in the houses of some of the most well-known celebrity couples.


On season two of the documentary, the likes of Kirk and Tammy Franklin joined the cast speaking on how they met, the proposal and accountability. It’s a feature worth sitting down and watching with some snacks as there is a whole lot of love and wisdom on Black Love.


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