Lets Talk About Foolish Glory With Sarah Jakes Roberts

You don’t have to fit the culture because God will make the culture fit you!

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a beast and demon bully for the Kingdom of God. Known as the daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes, recognised as a worldwide Father to many she is also the Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House at OneLA. Leading the church with her husband Pastor Toure Roberts her message “foolish glory” is a gentle reminder of who gave us the life that we are living today.


When you realise that you already have the access it will shift your posture. Once you get to a point where you say “I’m not quitting until everything in me has come out of me” that is when you know you are about this life for real.

When we accept Christ we receive access to his wisdom, anointing, authority and victory. So sometimes you need to remind yourself that the battle has already been won!

But don’t celebrate just yet, there’s still work to do. There is still a kingdom to be advanced. If you start celebrating now, you’ll end the fullness of what the Kingdom is trying to do in the earth.


Do you have foolish glory?

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