Michelle Williams Teaches How To Overcome Depression

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Michelle Williams Teaches How To Overcome Depression

Depression is a real thing, regardless of whether you believe in God or not.

A few months back American gospel artist, entrepreneur and fiancee Michelle Williams announced on social media that she needed to seek help for her depression.


A blow to the Gospel community, support flooded across the media.


We may have friends and family around us, but when the enemy can find a way to stop you from communicating how you feel, it opens a door for him to bring depression, suicide, anxiety and fear into your life.


We are thankful that Michelle was able to put an end to her mind battles, but for some, it is not as simple as that.


Announcing her Bible plan collaboration with YouVersion she said:

This is how I fight my battle: through the word of God! I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to share my ongoing journey in overcoming depression with YouVersion. I have created Bible plans that you can access on the Bible App! I encourage EVERYONE to read it AND SHARE with someone that needs it! I love y’all so much! My life is an open book. Nothing to hide, just everything to give!


Pray for your strong friend.


Pray for your Pastor.


Pray for your family friends and co-workers.


But before you do any of that, lay hands on yourself and pray for you. Because when you call out to God and share what He already knows is on your heart, He will rescue you in times of trouble.




Watch her story below and take a look at her Bible App devotional on YouVersion here.


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