Miles McPherson- There Is A Third Option

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Miles McPherson- There Is A Third Option

Miles McPherson is here to share with the world that there is a third option.


Pastor Miles McPherson is a retired NFL football player of the San Diego Charges gone national influencer. He’s the founder and Pastor of Rock Church, one of the nation’s largest churches, with over 18,000 people including online viewers.
The author, speaker, and thought leader is passionate about “building” bridges and uniting a divided nation that is searching for meaning, purpose and acceptance. His work is inspired by his personal history and struggles with racism, cocaine, and life in the fast lane of living the American Dream.”
Known for his down-to-earth and relatable messages that speak to the searching hearts of humanity to be something great, he is not afraid to talk about “tough issues,” such as racism and addiction.
Which is why we have to share his brand new series “The Third Option” which intelligently and candidly speaks about what needs to be spoken about when it comes to the world, race and the third option.
You can catch the second, third and last past to the series so be sure to do so!
What are your thoughts on the third option?
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