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Music, Ministry & Marriage – The Chat with Priscilla

  /  Lifestyle   /  Music, Ministry & Marriage – The Chat with Priscilla

Music, Ministry & Marriage – The Chat with Priscilla

After 20 years of marriage in the spotlight, Kirk and Tammy Franklin have been through a lot


However, with Christ as their centre, God has continued to use Kirk’s music and their ministry to change lives for His glory. Join us as we chat with Kirk and Tammy about life in the spotlight and what it means to have a marriage centred on Christ.


Sitting with Priscilla Shirer, minister, wife and longtime friend of the Grammy award-winning couple, they openly share what has been the key to celebrating over 20 years of marriage.


This is an hour special so get comfortable, and be blessed by the wonderful reality of when God is in it, the fruit of the testimony will always allow Him to be glorified.


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