New Year. New Me. Same God. Same Promise

Happy New Year!

2019 has finally arrived and has shown itself strongly. Although we have officially gone back into work mode today, we made sure that we were productively gaining momentum after the 1st of January came in.

I took my first two-week break at Christmas. And I was happy to switch off. I wish it had been sooner, but God kept my health and strength right up until the holidays. Taking the time to catch up with friends and family and binge watch all my saved movies and programmes, allowed me to slow down and take off my multiple hats.

2018 flew by. It was a whirlwind. Was it just me that felt that way? In my time out, although I must admit I occasionally did monitor our social platforms and flicked through some emails, what I was most appreciative of were the silent moments to reflect on what was accomplished.

As a mother, sister, editor, business owner and strategic communications consultant, I commended my ability to balance all responsibilities. I remained focused, disciplined and passionate about what I loved. I learned lessons that pitched me closer to destiny. And every small step I took daily led to some pretty awesome milestones.

So why I am I not setting any New Year Resolutions?

We all know that it is not about the next milestone written on the vision board but the journey getting there. I have learned that small daily goals eventually lead to the big shiny one. And rather than overwhelm my mind with the end result, it is much wiser to focus on connecting the dots that will get me there.

So alongside remaining disciplined, maintaining a flexible routine and executing strategy the one thing I want you to start your year off with is this:

Being relentless will get you there,
Be consistent will keep you there,
But being grateful will expand what is there.
-Bishop T.D.Jakes

Let’s do this!

Natasha xx

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