Overcoming Loneliness & Building Friendships That Fit

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Overcoming Loneliness & Building Friendships That Fit

You can’t choose what you go through in life, but you can choose who you go through it with.

Holly Furtick, wife of Steven Furtick the senior pastor at Elevation Church delivered a motivational message of friendship once in a while, everyone needs to hear.


Growth is hard. Making new friends can sometimes be a challenge. But one thing we know that when you have a group of friends who share your core values, are likeminded and are all for growth and glowing in God despite what life may throwat us with the right people by your side you can overcome everything.


A trust collective and collection of friends allow you to borrow courage, faith and strength for the journey that lies ahead.


And for the plans that the Lord has for you, this message will ignite your encouragement to take note of your circle  and the quality you need, they need and the world needs.

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