People Are Important, Healing Is Important and Hearts Are Important

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People Are Important, Healing Is Important and Hearts Are Important

Here at 2BReal, we are all about analyzing trends in what’s taking place in the Kingdom.

For entrepreneurs with Kingdom faith and principles, alongside industries being formed for the Christian culture, we wanted to take time out to celebrate the movement taking place in the UK.

2BRealMagazine was birthed to celebrate great content, great people and great businesses that are representing the Christian faith loud and proud. We pray that this series will be an inspiration to our readers not just here in the UK, but around the world and that the people’s lives will touch hearts, speak passion to birth purpose to everyone.


Keishorne Scott, author, relationship coach and speaker has been blessing us with his motivational and inspirational messages on social media for the past three years. Focused on restoring men and women preparing them for successful relationships on social media, it was time to learn more about the man behind the gram.



2BReal: How did you get your current job?  

KS: Well, I work for myself. I started working full time for myself a year ago. It all started when my social media following started growing at a rapid pace and my relationship videos started gaining a lot of attention on the internet worldwide. I then said to myself, “how can I be of value to these people and really help”. I then started providing coaching services, writing E-Books and hosting webinars specifically for my target audience and active followers who are interested in what I have to offer. Keishorne Scott LLC was birth to encourage, inform, motivate, elevate and give hope.



2BReal: Why was it important for you to start your brand?

KS: It’s important because people are important, healing is important and hearts are important. I create this company to help others, guide others and encourage others to overcome heartbreak; and build and maintain healthy relationships. At the age of 31, being a young married man has been a blessing. With all the ups and downs and trials and tribulations, it has been an amazing learning experience and a gift from God.

I started this company because I know what it feels like to hurt, go through pain, confusion and uncertainty and not knowing how to deal and heal from these feelings and situations. Seeking wise counsel, having someone guide you, and push you into victory and towards happiness is important, especially someone guided by the grace of God. UNSTOPPABLE!




2BReal: How has your journey as an entrepreneur developed you as a person?

KS: It has helped me grow in a professional and personal light, as a Man of God, husband, fathers, son, businessman, speaker and lover of others. Putting others first and their needs before mine have been a priority. It builds humility, character, love and a sense of charity towards others who are going through tough situations. Helping others has sometimes helped me in my own situations and makes me accountable for what I say, act and do.




2BReal: What ignited the passion to become an author?

KS: I love to write. It gets a lot of emotions and thoughts out. Writing helps me express love outwardly and in-turn it gives me the opportunity to share that same love with others. One of the best feeling in the world. To serve others with my knowledge, wisdom and words.




2BReal: You became one of New York’s best selling authors and have gone on to write more. How have your books changed relationships and individuals?

KS: Good question. I have been getting mail, emails, and monetary gifts from people (I don’t even know) from all over the world, as a thank you for helping them find love, leave love or accept love again. I have run into people on the street, with smiles and admiration for what I do and how I’ve helped them. I love to serve, and if helping others for the rest of my life build and maintain healthy relationships is what I have to do (and I know it is) I won’t have a problem doing it.




2BReal: As a black man of faith in America, what has been the greatest challenge is balancing marriage fatherhood and business?

KS: Having a 21-month-old daughter who is way too active, opinionated, playful, energetic and hates sleep lol. Its tough, but my wife and I do our best to balance our lifestyle and put first things first. We separate family time from distractions and focus on love rather than work all the time. it’s about finding a calm and respectable balance that everyone can agree on but understand that we have an empire to run at the same time. And last but not least, we never stop dating each other.




2BReal: Your relationship videos have gone viral globally. How important is social media now to your business and brand?

KS: Very important. Social media has everything you need to build a successful business and brand if used correctly and effectively. You can market, advertise and promote to your audience when you post a picture, write a quote or upload a video. It’s so simple yet complicated lol. I strongly believe that every business should have a website, social media platform (not all, just a few that work), email opt-in method to gather email address for email marketing and professional marketing material and photos. Everything you do has to be clean. No exceptions.




2BReal: What are the top three general questions you are always asked when it comes to relationships?

KS: How do I heal after a breakup?

How can I trust after betrayal?

How to find the right one?



2BReal: For some who may be inspired by what you do and want to also begin their career as a speaker, coach and author, what would be your advice for them in starting out?

KS: Be a sponge when it comes to learning, learn as much as you can, network with others, never stop believing in yourself, aim to become the best in your field, learn from the best, get a mentor, watch a lot of youtube videos, read a lot of books, include your spouse or significant other, and most important, TRUST GOD! TRUST GOD A LOT!! YOU ARE GOING TO NEED HIM!



2BReal: As a man of God, a social media influencer and entrepreneur, what is your favourite scripture that gives you comfort, confidence and composure?

KS: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13


About The Author

Founding editor in chief of 2BRealMagazine, Natasha is a communications specialist. With over six years of experience in journalism and a passion for the people, her love for digital and creative communications has taken her across the public, private and not for profit companies and organisations.


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