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What’s The Deal With Being Single, Courting, and Marriage?

When it comes to the time in your life, where you begin to want to know more about what God is up to in regards to meeting your Adam/Eve, there are millions of way that He will reveal that to you.

And that’s down to the fact that every couple is different, so no two stories will be the same. However within the transitional seasons of your life, whether you are in your season of singleness, courtship or preparing for marriage, 2BReal writer Michael Ihenacho has put together a collection of video’s to encourage, strengthen and bring clarity on what God is doing in your life.

Dropping some wisdom from the likes of Daphne MadyaraChaseGodTV and Cornelius Lindsey we want you to be blessed y’all.

Proverbs 8 v 14 NKJV

“Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom; I am understanding, I have strength.”


Are You Content With Being Single?



Christians and Dating




Are You Spiritually Ready For Marriage?



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