Something Is Coming and I’m Getting Ready

Is it just me that can feel the shift that God is arranging in this next season of life?

With June fast approaching April was the calendar marking month where you evaluate all that has been accomplished in the first quarter of the year. Applying new systems to reach goals that align with annual objectives are reviewed and tweaked so that quarter two delivers the results that we are believing God for.With big plans come patience and preparation. And once you have done all that you can on your side to reach the overall outcome, it then becomes a case of readying yourself to step into the next season God has prepared for you.

Sometimes it can seem that after everything is finished, assignments are completed, that the blessing or the release into your next season will be sent like a bank deposit. But what we must never forget is while we are preparing for God to align us with next we need to make sure that we are ready for what it comes with. Because we all know that new levels bring new devils.



How do you do that I hear you ask?

For what you are believing God for are you ready? Do you have everything in place that if you got the call tomorrow you could get up and go? If you replied yes, then continue to pray and worship God with an expectation that He is going to do what He has promised.



And to those that said no?

Create a do-list. A checklist may seem like it is not worthy of even discussing but being organised is a big key in being ready to go into your next season. The organisation is the catalyst for success. Systems, processes and procedures rely on organisation. Without it, you show God not only that you cannot handle what He wants to bless you with, but you lack the maturity and wisdom it takes to sustain the blessing He wants give unto you.

So while I am waiting on God to shift me into my next season, I am praying and worshipping with expectation whilst ticking things off my checklist. Because something is coming. And I  am getting ready for it.



More to be shared soon.

Natasha x

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