Sometimes God Allows You To PR Yourself

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Sometimes God Allows You To PR Yourself

New month new blessings to report on…

Sometimes you need to take a seat. Because as time moves as efficiently as it does, the memories that flood back remind you of how far you have come. And we are only in April!


Since the beginning of January, our first quarter has been successful. We have seen a 25% increase in our 2017-2018 readership. That is a major deal to me personally because the team work hard and it is a blessing to see the fruit from what we plant. Stats don’t lie and as an editor and business owner, it is imperative for us here to make sure we continually improve your experience. You can easily get caught up in numbers, likes and engagement which all matter, but it was great to see how we have grown in the multiple countries since then.


So personally from me thank you all for continually rocking with us.


Growing a brand and a building a business is no walk in the park. And since the new year has begun learning about the industries we want to take the brand into require a level of research to execute the problems we want to solve.


It is not easy. But possible. If you know me personally you would know that I am the type of person who likes to work from the back. I am not one to be in front of the camera. Which is why I guess God believed it was the right time for me to begin sharing my knowledge, life lessons and future plans for the business with the world.


Earlier this year I had my first interview which you can read here. It was quite weird as I am normally setting up interviews for my clients. Which was why I was like


A couple of months later having a chat with a lovely young lady who brought her camera crew into my home another interview was completed. Recorded for an upcoming lifestyle show coming to  Sky very soon, again I was like “Ok God, this is the second in this quarter which is a bit weird but I’ll do it”


And then a few weeks ago I got a call to come in and share my thoughts and expertise on the radio. Hitting up ABN Radio on Easter Monday, I got to share my thoughts on the Stellar Awards, the PR industry and why branding is imperative in the digital age.


Quarter 1 is over and we are away working on quarter 2 to bring you what you need. Keep it locked. And always remember, you’ve got #2BReal





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Founding editor in chief of 2BRealMagazine, Natasha is a communications specialist. With over six years of experience in journalism and a passion for the people, her love for digital and creative communications has taken her across the public, private and not for profit companies and organisations.

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