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The Story Of Heart Passion Pursuit

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The Story Of Heart Passion Pursuit

Can your heart have the passion for pursuit?

The Story Of Heart Passion Pursuit is the inside look at how Tasha Cobbs Leonard created what has become one of my personal favourite albums of the year. Recently married, Mrs. Leonard who released this year her latest album “Heart Passion Pursuit” available on all digital platforms recorded the journey also.

Whenever we see a finished product, we never look at how they got there. And with this story of heart passion pursuit, Tasha takes us behind the scenes to see the complexity of the making. The elements to making a great album come from hearing the word of God.

And so in this visual story, we wanted to share how this phenomenal album was created. What it took. From sound to singers to lyrics. From instruments to the product. Lets journey with Tasha on the story of heart passion pursuit.


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