Bishop TD Jakes

Don’t Make Your Sweat Catch That Equity

In every miracle performed, there was a requirement of investment.

Where there is no human investment, there is no equity. Equity equals asset minus liabilities. In order to receive the equity, you must invest something. There are three times when the law is declared and two times that it was given to the children of Israel.

God required that they humble themselves and be broken to receive the miracle that stood before them. This encounter was truly a collaborative effort between God and Moses, human and divinity, but it was part of the redemptive plan.

Don’t self-sabotage your opportunity because you can’t see yourself on a new level. There is a human responsibility that God requires of you. Humble yourself, go back to the place where you messed up, fix it, be broken and surrender to GOD.

When you are broken and humbled, God will hear your state of brokenness and perform a miracle. It will cost you in the comeback, but be assured that the new blessings are greater than what you lost. Surrender your Pride, Arrogance and Control and STRETCH your Faith to depend on GOD.


Invest in your future and put all the sweat to receive your next miracle!


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