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Tasha Cobbs Leonard On Good Morning America

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Tasha Cobbs Leonard On Good Morning America

I mean come on Tasha! You shut down the entire Internet!


After releasing Heart Passion Pursuit in 2017, Tasha Cobbs Leonard brought in the new year as you would. By performing on Good Morning America, one of the most international news platforms the States.

Discussing her collaboration with Nicki Minaj and more we tuned in early for this exclusive performance. This was such a win for the Kingdom and Tasha so gracefully made sure that she let God shine through in that moment.


This was the performance that featured the guy in the audience that has now gone viral for Milly rocking during “I’m Getting Ready” however when it comes to praising God we are with him as it was such a moment to be in.


Let us know your thoughts on her performance in the comments below.


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