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The Grays Go Green With The Breakfast Club

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The Grays Go Green With The Breakfast Club

As Redemption transitions to Relentless church Pastor, John and Aventeer Gray are ready to execute their new assignment.


When we heard the news that Apostle Ron Carpenter had been given the charge to move into a new state to build God’s people I was shocked. Excited. Then screamed. All in that order. Only because of how the Senior Pastor of then what was Redemption Church has impacted my life.


I thought to myself, “Uncle what is happening?” However, the more he spoke the more I understood that how much bigger this assignment was.


And then he announced his successor. The man God had charged to become the new shepherd of the house. And that is when I smiled. Because you have just got to love the way our Jesus works.


When it comes to building a church in South Carolina, their show on Oprah’s network the new senior leaders of what will be called Relentless Church, Pastors John & Aventeer Gray stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat about all things love, life and health.


With the likes of Tasha Cobbs Leonard and her husband recently announcing that they will be heading up the music and praise and worship departments you know the church is about to be lit on a Sunday at Relenteless.


Check out the interview and let us know if you will be logging in for the launch next month.

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