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Three Reasons Why You May Be Single

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Three Reasons Why You May Be Single

Has anyone ever asked you this question, “Why Are You Single?”

What an annoying question! Heather Lindsey who is an American businesswoman, wife, mother and Pastor, wanted to start 2018 with a reality check.


If you are single this is not about someone coming at you for the sake of it. As a woman who was once single, it was laid on her heart to share some practical reminders of your position. In order to be found by a godly man requires you to be in the field working.


Which means because you are focusing on the assignment God has given you, once you become engulfed in the field fulfilling your mission looking cute you position yourself to be found.


Ask yourself where are you positioned? Is it in the field? Or are you somewhere else? Location is important. Because without a location you cannot be connected to the parcel God has for you.


Check out these three reasons why you may be single.

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