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Understanding Sexual Wholeness With Touré Roberts

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Understanding Sexual Wholeness With Touré Roberts

When it comes to keeping it real there is no other we are bringing to the platform other than Pastor Touré Roberts.


In a world where you have access to anything, when it comes to the church and topics like sex you guys should know that I am not one to shy away from staying relevant in what we need to talk about.

Whether you think about it or not. Married or not. Dating or not. There is something about the word sex that triggers feelings, emotions and reactions in either a good way for covenant or in a way that is not ordained by God.

When we think of soul ties we always considered the negative definition because of the way the church handles the topic. We forget that when we are joined with whom God has aligned there is a beauty in the soul tie God has brought together.


Sex is spiritual. Sex is valuable. And Pastor Touré Roberts senior leader of The Potters House LA and Denver decided to take us to a place of transparency for all those that are happy to go there with God today.


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