VaShawn Mitchell- God Can Do Anything

VaShawn Mitchell is back with a new sound and we are excited


The American singer and producer released a brand new single called “God Can Do Anything which is available now on all digital music platforms.


Known for his global anthems like “Nobody Greater”, the new single prepares us for the upcoming new album called Elements. Celebrating over 20 years of ministry in music, the new album will showcase a collective sound that VaShawn Mitchell has gleaned on throughout his musical career.
Speaking on his new album and the reason behind the album title he says:
“When the world is in a constant state of crisis, the soul desires comfort in the face of chaos, elements represents my heart’s response to the cry from the earth for answers in the middle of tumultuous times.”
We are looking forward to hearing this! Let us know what you think of the new video in the comments.

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