Waiting On God | Praying For Your Future Husband

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Waiting On God | Praying For Your Future Husband

For many women who are living in purpose, looking good, smelling sweet and enjoying their singleness, the desire of marriage still lies down with them every night.


Today’s culture and society, family traditions and perspective on life is a pressure. Marriage is a beautiful covenant between two people and if you are living for God. Waiting on God and praying for your future husband is not something to pressure God for.

As a woman of God who is single, and as a mother, my desire to be married is not my priority anymore. Why? Because I made marriage a few months ago an idol because I had not dealt with the things in me which God needed to be dealt with first. Marriage for me had never been a big deal. I am someone who is very purpose driven. And the reality is until you allow God to get you prepared and positioned for all the things He has in store for you, marriage is one that won’t be ticked until that time comes.

I noticed the desire for marriage was laid on my heart a few years ago. It was weird. And it attracted a lot of lessons on the way that I fell for and showed me why preparation is imperative for your destiny. I do not believe in lists. Adam did not have a list when Eve was created. And I think today, we as women can have standards and requirements, but ladies please make sure that you can also live up to what you are asking God for.

The reality is you can ask God for what you desire. But if it is not His will for your life then change your posture. I had to get to the place (which requires spiritual maturity) to say to God “Lord prepare me for what and who you are going to bring into my life”. That sentence took about three months for me to really understand the magnitude of God actioning His will in my life in that season. And for me, it was one of the most transformational periods of my life. Because before God can bring in the new, he has to remove what does not need to be in your life for the next season of your life.

Recently married Debs Gasper wife to UK Christian grime artist AStar and UK evangelist and fiancee Dephne Madyara shares their thoughts, outlook, and perspective on what your focus as a woman of God should be in this season.

Are you asking God for a husband? Praying & fasting for God to bring your Adam? Men, do you want to know when you have found the one? There’s something that happens when the right woman enters the life of a man. Her presence commands an edification in his life. We pray that these videos will confirm inspire and edify you with peace.




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