We Ask: Why Do Men Cheat?

You know on 2BRealMagazine we’ve got to be real!

It’s never ok for a man to participate in adulterous behaviour, but could there be contributing reasons for this common misconduct? This controversial topic is not just about men. So we are not firing shots just at the guys. We know women cheat too. And the American Pastors have a webisode coming soon to explain it all


The Redefined TV couple is back for 2018! And they are coming at us with the realness. Which is why we had to post this because, in order for us to be healed and restored, we have to understand the core of who we are to make decisions for our future.


It is not ok for men to cheat. It is not ok to justify wrongdoings. However, we can be changed and reformed by the renewal of our minds. And standing in accountability to the reality of our actions will allow you to hear the wisdom in this webisode so that you can take heed and strengthen the spiritual deficits in the lives of those that need to be redefined.


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