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What To Do When You Are In-Between Blessings

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What To Do When You Are In-Between Blessings

New to the 2BRealFeatures team is Miss Romanah Zhane Malcolm who wants to share what to do when you are in between blessings.


Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41: 10 (NKJV)

At times we can often become so frustrated at ourselves because we feel we’re not where we’re supposed to be or we haven’t fulfilled a particular goal we set for ourselves, or better yet – we witness others achieving exactly what we would like to be doing & it frustrates us & may even cause us to question God.


In a positive way I feel it is good for us to feel frustration every so often because it means:

  1. We’ve got big vision and huge aspirations and regardless of the frustration, all shall be established 1 Peter 5 v 10.
  2. We see ourselves beyond the parameters of our current situation 1 Jer. 1 v 11
  3. We believe God has more destined for us Isa. 43 v 18
  4. We were not comfortable with the idea of remaining stagnant 1 Chron 4 9-10


Nevertheless, it isn’t healthy for us to sit in frustration and dwell in it, rather we should use it as a catalyst for reflection. A time to reflect upon the amazing opportunities we’ve had or currently have, the exciting things we have coming up & the in-between blessings that we may have missed or taken for granted as we were so focused on what has frustrated us or the next BIG thing in our lives.


It’s so important for us to reflect as we can become so busy that we jump from one thing to the next, consumed by achieving in one area that we totally miss those in-between blessings that God sneaks into our journey to remind us that:

  1. He is still in control (Isa. 41 v 10)
  2. He has a divine plan for our lives (Eph. 2 v 10)
  3. He loves us (1 John 4 v 19)
  4. Absolutely everything we are going through right now will not be wasted, it all counts and holds relevant significance! (Rom. 8 v 28)


When we begin to learn how to use every part of our journey & celebrate those in-between blessings we are humbled yet grateful for our experiences. Periods of frustration can often birth some of the greatest moments in our lives because in that time we chose not to settle but rather: go after our dreams full throttle determined to see change.


Conclusion: quick tips for when you experience frustration

  1. Pray instantly… Don’t dwell in it (Luke 18 v 1; James 5 v 16)
  2. List 10 things you are grateful for (in the midst of them recognise your in between blessings)
  3. Give God thanks for what you may have missed (Psa. 34 v 1)
  4. Remain focused on your goals (Hab. 2  v 2)
  5. Revisit your action plan and turn it over to God. (Prov. 16 v 3)


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