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When Kings Talk We Need To Listen – The Series

This is what we have been waiting for…

Tune in with Jerry Flowers from Redefined TV and UK fitness trainer Warren Francis as they discuss topics as men about everything you wanted to know and more. This is not just for men. Women come and get this wisdom too! Understand how men think, feel and speak about life, love, marriage and the future.


1st episode- The opening of what is a must need series

  1. How Did You Know Your Wife Was The One?
  2. When A Man Is Hurt.
  3. Why Don’t Men Go To Church?
  4. Men Need Help.


2nd episode- In this episode with Jerry and Warren, they address some weighty but very much needed topics:

  1. Why Won’t He Marry You?
  2. Why Men Go Ghost?
  3. Every Man Needs A Prayer Life
  4. Priorities
  5. Mothered To Death

3rd episode- On this episode of When Kings Talk the wives of Jerry and Warren join in on the conversation as they discuss three hot topics!

  1. Bird Box Relationships
  2. The Fragile Male Ego
  3. Should A Married Man Have Female Friends?


4th episode- In this episode, we’re talking about how 90’s RnB Lied To Us, the dangerous of a confused man and good vs godly.


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