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Why Fake Love Is Easier

  /  Lifestyle   /  Why Fake Love Is Easier

Why Fake Love Is Easier

If it so easy to spot a fake, why is it then so difficult to break away from it?


We have all been there…


While waiting for the one God has for you, the counterfeit makes you feel some kind of way. Because it is a reflection of what God has for you, you continue to entertain it because it feels just like what you have been praying for.


Then no confirmations come…


And when they do, it is to let you know that this isn’t what God has sent.


So why is it so hard to break away from a love that isn’t ordained by God?


The Flowers pastors believe fake love is easier, because it takes less work, is self-centred, has to have its way and rest assured it can never be inconvenienced. Maybe this is why many settle for fake love instead of real because real love takes work!


Listen if you are not ready for change, then do not press play. But if you are ready to be obedient to God then press play and I pray that God will continue to speak to you through this period of time in your life.


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    Loved this post !

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