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Word, Wisdom & Exhortation With Dephne Madyara

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2BRealMagazine was birthed to celebrate great content, great people and great businesses that are representing the Christian faith. We pray that this series will be an inspiration to our readers not just here in the UK, but around the world and that the people’s lives will touch hearts, speak passion and birth purpose to all those that read our series.


Dephne Madyara is a serial entrepreneur and powerhouse within the Kingdom. Considered a triple threat, operating in multiple offices the fashion designer & author has been in business for over 7+ years. As I have been following her ministry since becoming a Christian all those years ago, it was such an honour to just hear her outside of all of her gifts.


So enjoy this interview. Because I most certainly did.



2BReal: How did you get started in fashion?

DM: Well, the gift of making and designing clothes runs in my mother’s side of the family, going back to my grandmother. However, I personally stumbled into fashion back in high school when I had to choose to study between fashion and cooking, as part of my curriculum in high school for 4 years. At the time, I didn’t have an initial interest in the curriculum as it was more fashion & sewing focused. However, as I got older, my body started changing to an adolescent, I often found myself needing to use my sewing skills to hand-alter my clothes around the waist or hip area.

Eventually, out of sympathy, my mother bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and that’s when my curiosity and passion in the design aspect of fashion, grew. I started experimenting by making new outfits, dresses in particular. This soon evolved to making my own prototype garments before finally moving on to selling these garments, as part of my hobby. Then as word got around, I had an opportunity to design and make outfits for pageant and charity shows.

Finally, in 2017 I took the gift more seriously and started my own fashion line titled Dephne Aviyah.



2BReal: Tell us a bit about yourself as we have been following your journey for a few years now. When and why did you decide to bring your love for Christ to YouTube?

DM: The LORD appeared to me between 2009 and 2010 instructing me what to do then He gave me the grace to speak what was in “His heart” to the Body of Christ; both written and verbally. I speak in detail about this encounter in one of my books titled, “Incorruptible Beauty”. However, physically, speaking about Him was something the Holy Spirit led me to do gradually on various platforms before moving onto Youtube. I started sharing the heart of Christ on WordPress via my blog, on Facebook, then I moved onto a video platform named Keek which gave users only 36 seconds of film time per video. As God continued to prune and train me, He eventually allowed me to share longer videos and start filming Youtube Teachings. My first teaching was a series on Lazarus.




2BReal: As a YouTube exhorter, the variety of content you publish speaks on a majority of topics that we go through in life. Where does the wisdom, insight and passion come from to upload weekly?

DM: It all comes from the Holy Spirit. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has taught me to solely depend on Him to share the Good News. I don’t prepare a sermon beforehand or make notes but speak as led by the Holy Spirit, expounding on the base Scriptures He has given me beforehand. This is just how God uses with me and this may not work or apply to everybody. When I used to preach at my home church back in London, I would prepare a sermon before-hand but over some time, I eventually gave up doing this because every Sunday morning or just before church starts, God would change my message.

It made me realise that I would do well in my office when I solely depend on God to speak and teach what He wants. Moreover, the strength, motivation, drive, keenness and ability to upload videos every week also comes from God because my own strength simply can’t facilitate me to do what I do every day; it is the grace of God! As I grow in the faith, I have learnt to rely on God for the wisdom and insight and as for the passion goes, this grows as I personally grow in Christ through His Word and Spirit.



2BReal: Since becoming a public figure, what has been the response from your significant other, family and friends?

DM: They are very supportive and I’m very blessed to have their support and encouragement. As we venture into new territories, it is always so beneficial to have our family and loved ones cheering us on even when some aspects of our journeys don’t yet make complete sense. 




2BReal: Your gift of evangelism has probably come with its fair share of trials. How have you been able to maintain consistency for others whilst allowing God to refine you for the seasons ahead?

DM: The first thing is to put God first and keep Him as my first love and everything else follows after that. Yes, there are trials that come but I believe my upbringing and childhood background has emblemed me to have thick skin when it comes to issues/trials that are people-related, for example, negativity, gossip, jealousy, hatred etc. In the face of such things, I have learnt wisdom in knowing that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I have the power to reject or accept what comes my way but more importantly to weigh everything with God’s Word before I receive it.


Secondly, in a world that is very success driven, knowing who I am in Christ and being content with who I am and what I have, keeps me from contending or competing with others who are doing things that I’m doing. When you know who you are, you will not be threatened by somebody who is doing the same thing as you.


Lastly, there are spiritual attacks that come with being a true voice for Jesus Christ, on a public platform such as Youtube which reaches different nations and countries by means of a device. This is because I am a light and am attracting different kinds of religions, backgrounds, mindsets and beliefs on the Youtube platform. So, I find that maintaining a Spirit-filled prayer life and stay close to Jesus is very important for me in order to be victorious and authentic. Each time I enter the realm of prayer, I am refreshed just like the day I received Jesus Christ as my LORD and Saviour on 1 Jan 2007.


Moreover, the Bible teaches us in 1 Corinthians 14:4 that those who pray in unknown an tongue edify themselves. Hence, when I’m edified in the spirit-realm, I am able to cultivate a consistency in areas of my life, through the Holy Spirit. 




2BReal: You are also an author with a new book “Praying The Word of God” on the way. How has expanding your gifts over the years required you to evolve as a businesswoman?

DM: Yes, it’s on the way and I have been working on it for over a year now. I initially underestimated the quantity and quality of work that would go into that book but once it’s ready, it will be perfect! Now when it comes to writing books, I don’t look at writing books as a business but more of a calling and instruction even though there is a business side involved in the market aspect of releasing those books. Having studied Business in university in Finance and also in Management; these helped me to get some wisdom on business and the general market in order to harness my gifts within that wisdom.

However, I’ve found that the Spirit of God is the best advisor, counsellor and teacher to me in my journey so far. Be it market research, development, ideas, people’s ideas etc; the Holy Spirit gives me the best pointers and has been my Source in evolving on the business aspect of my life. The Spirit of God knows all things.




2BReal: When did you decide you wanted to go into fashion and what was the purpose and mission behind starting your own clothing line?

DM: I decided a long time ago, over 5+ years ago along the time I was making clothes as a hobby but I made the decision to step into my calling as a fashion designer in 2017. When I made that decision, the Holy Spirit swiftly led me to study fashion design on a degree level and today am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be developed as a fashion designer in such a dynamic way, over the past year. I’m currently in my second year. I launched my fashion line also the same year of 2017 just before starting the Fashion Design & Textiles degree. The mission behind starting this fashion line was to curate a wardrobe for women that symbolises class, elegance and femininity whilst identifying with the 1950’s fashion era of classic fashion in a modern world. 




2BReal: How have you overcome obstacles in entrepreneurship alongside maintaining a work-life balance over the course of your journey?

DM: In short, God’s grace and good time-management. I’m afraid I’m much of a workaholic, so I don’t mind losing sleep to get things done but I’m very fortunate to have only one best friend who also happens to be my husband-to-be, so I’m able to invest my time in other areas of my life that are important, for example, my relationship with God, the church’s ministry work (I’m a Sunday school Teacher), university schedules, blogging, online youtube ministry, my family etc; without losing balance of things.

In terms of overcoming obstacles, for me, it’s all about perspective. Obstacles in entrepreneurship can come in the form of finances, resources or even skills. As someone with the Holy Spirit, I have leverage in being able to look at the physical obstacle with spiritual eyes before making a judgement. Generally, when I meet obstacles on my path, I use them as learning opportunities to make myself wiser and better than I was before encountering them, be it acquiring skills, knowledge or resources I need to overcome. In the past, some obstacles required me to invest my time, work or even patience into a situation to eventually overcome.




2BReal: How has social media impacted what you do and your business?

DM: Social media has definitely been a powerful medium to convey my messages to the public, be it in the form of a sermon or a product like one of my books. I have been able to reach foreign countries, notable companies and even friendships/relationships through social media. The world is changing and I’m learning to have an open mind and also wisdom to adapt to the tide. Overall, social media has certainly been a huge positive impact for me and I look forward to discovering more as social media continues to evolve and change in the future.




2BReal: As a woman of God, what is your favourite scripture that brings you comfort, confidence and composure?

DM: Matthew 6:33. The Spirit of God spoke to me in 2008, when I was renting a 1 bedroom house. That night I had no lights and food had run out. I began to open my bible to read and He said to me “seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” At that time, I was only 1 year in the faith and didn’t know who I  was, what my calling was, what my skills and abilities were, indeed, long before I knew I was an author, a fashion designer and a messenger of Christ.

When I look back, I remember the day so vividly but most importantly I see and remember the faithfulness of God, 10 years later! He has surely added the things I needed, one by one, He keeps adding and I know for sure He will continue to add and fulfil my needs as I seek Him in the sincerity of my heart and keep His Kingdom & Righteousness within me. Matthew 6:33 has become an anchor to my spiritual walk.

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  • Brianna Godbolt

    Wow! I really enjoy this interview. I have been following Daphne’s ministry for about 4 years now. I have grown so much through her youtube messages and the posts on her blog. I’m even more encouraged as I learn about how she balances things and her perspective on the topics mention above. God bless you sister. I pray more grace and favor over your life as you continue to fulfill your calling. much love.

  • Thina

    Great interview!

  • Mpathwenhle Gumede

    wow Dephne is such a powerful woman of God

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