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You Need To Get You Some “Boundaries”

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You Need To Get You Some “Boundaries”

One of my all-time favourite big sisters is back with the bars that God has blessed her to deliver for the new year.

We all have probably said “New Year, New Me”. Whether it is in regards to starting a new diet, going into business or even ending a relationship, each action requires a no entry sign marking the spot you can no longer enter.

Boundaries are a brilliant way of protecting your space and keeping your heart right. For most people, they may know they need boundaries, but refuse to put them up because of the process they don’t want to go through.


Then you have the people that have been through the fire and have said “Lord if you help me put these boundaries up, I promise I won’t tear them back down”


It all comes down to choice. Making a decision means acknowledging a boundary. And there is nothing wrong with guarding what is for you in this season. First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts, Pastor at The Potters House Denver and One Church LA had something to say about the topic.


You will be blessed. So let me know your thoughts and reactions to the word of God she is about to deliver in this message.

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